Saturday at the meet

Paulina tossing hammer

Paulina tossing hammer

On Saturday we went to Bismarck to see Paulina throw at the U of Mary track and field meet. She throws for the University of Jamestown. Let’s start by saying it was a miserable day. The wind was blowing like crazy. The sun was shining so intensely that you needed “zutron” sunglasses. In case you are wondering what those are it is a made up word. I always wear the big wrap-around your normal eye glasses type sunglasses and that is what my oldest daughters named these glasses of mine. It was also so cold that we were wearing clothes under our clothes and sweats then winter coats. I am not sure how anyone was able to throw when the girls were tossing hammer and the boys were shot putting. The deal on the shot was you might have been able to call it “wind-aided” if there would be such a thing in shot put. The discus was better weather, but by that time everyone was pretty well toasted out of functioning. Paulina needs a good week of decent weather to practice and get herself back into the rhythm of how to toss the discus. She was fighting an earache all week and when you need to spin to toss both the hammer and discus, it sort of wrecks what you are trying to do. At any rate, she ended up with a career best in the shot put hitting 33′ 71/4″.

The sun that day.

The sun that day.

After the meet, we went out to eat then picked up a few items and headed home. I was on a mission to get stocked up on food for the track meets this week. We also picked up sunscreen, muscle rub and some massage sticks for the team. We have been meaning to do this all year, but with three meets coming up this week, it was time. James and Paulina also managed to sneak in the birthday gifts that I wrote about yesterday. It was a good day and we were even home in time for me to get the message for Sunday put together without staying up past midnight. Hooorah!!

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