Happy Birthday to Me!!

My Peanuts gang hanging out on the piano.

My Peanuts gang hanging out on the piano.

So today was my birthday, and likely the last I will count. This year my age ends in a 9, but it doesn’t start with a 2 or a 3 and that is all I am saying. HA! I have never been at issue with my age before. I guess it is because most of my life, I have been comfortable hanging around and learning from older people, but as we age, it seems there seem to be far more younger people around. Besides that it always seemed to me that you couldn’t have an opinion on certain things until you hit certain ages. At any rate it was a good birthday as those things go. Jessica called me to tell me who wished me a Happy Birthday via her Facebook page. Wow! It was fun to hear everyone she mentioned. I really need to catch up with a few of them again.

The gift from Paulina

The gift from Paulina

Paulina came home for the weekend and brought a gift that was wonderful. She started the conversation yesterday with a, “When are you going to put away the Easter stuff that is on the piano?” I finally figured out what she meant when I opened the gift she gave me. It was a set of Peanuts characters. I set them up on the piano (as you can see above) on Sunday after we got home from church, and I had time to clear off the piano. I added the cards to cover the power strip that I keep up there for the Christmas and Easter villages. I also added the figurines on the end that Adie gave me a few years back.

The frog gift from Glenda and James' gift in the background.

The frog gift from Glenda and James’ gift in the background.

My aunt Glenda stopped by with a gift that was great, and both of them presented their gifts with apologies about how they weren’t probably going to be liked, and I love both of them very much. Glenda kept telling me not to be mad, but she just wanted to get in on the deal, which I was so clueless about what she meant until I opened the package to find another frog gift. What a hoot! After Paulina left, James and I took the time to set the frogs out in the garden, but if you want to see them there, you will have to go to the lucindagardens site for that picture.

James also chose two very nice things, and they are in the picture here just above the frogs. The first one I had asked for and that was the massage stick. The other, the light up flower, was a surprise and a very good one, now the little pink flower has a partner in the garden. Again to see it set up go to my lucindagardens site.

As you can see this post is surrounded by pictures of the gifts. Thanks very much for the gifts and to all who called or texted with good wishes. It was all greatly appreciated. I am hoping to be around for several more years, though as I said earlier, I may stop counting today. Thanks again!!

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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