Reunion plans

Preliminary Agenda

Preliminary Agenda

For the past few months my sisters and I have been part of the area All School Reunion Committee. This committee , which changes leadership on occasion, has always been an active part of the community with reunions every five years or so. In the past few years we have stuck to the time line more tightly than in the past. In hindsight, I am thinking we should have held off until 2017 for the next one because with the first graduating class in 1918, that would have been 100 classes, but oh well. We did the five-year thing, and with so many of our alumni in the older part of the listings, it is maybe at least one more chance for some of them to return and connect with old friends.

We have several classes: 1918-1935 with no living members anymore, so that is significant. As of yesterday of 1,973 total graduates 605 are deceased. As you can see we are a small community. We never had a class graduate with more than 50, and I believe it was the class of 1973 that topped the charts with 48 members at one time, but they were not all here for graduation.

Although we have farming roots, this too, is a fluid community, and we have people coming and going. My brother and sisters were life-long students here, but I was an import as were my children. In fact my youngest was an export and is one of the only family members not receiving a letter. I think she will survive, and from the sounds of it, the my second child and my grandchildren will be off in Portland at a high school graduation during the reunion. I am still grumbling about holding it on any date other than the last weekend in June, but that is another issue that I won’t bring up here (though I just did).

Registration form

Registration form

Just for  a note here, the envelopes have been stuffed and the labels are about to be printed, and the letters will hit the mailbox very soon. Hopefully we have less returns than the “save-the-date” postcards. For those who are Herreid Alumni reading this, I have included pictures of the tentative schedule (we are already thinking of bumping the parade to 1:30) and the registration form. For more information alumni can stop at the Herreid All School Reunion Facebook page. I am not a FB member so have to just put my stuff here.

And, for those who read this, but are not Herreid Alum and want to show up, you could always take a page from one of the episodes of the Golden Girls and crash the party. We are handing out registration packets on Friday night. Maybe you can sneak in and “be” an alum. Of course be careful whose name tag you pick up, you might not want the one that Blanch had. HA!!!

Have a great day, and for more on what I am up to check out the other sites: lucindagardens and lucindacrafts

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  1. Kathy
    Apr 08, 2016 @ 17:21:51

    Hi Lucinda, it is wonderful to pause by your blog again and see what’s happening in your world. There is a spirit or feeling in your writing that makes me feel like you live in the midst of a cozy world full of family and faith and so much.

    Liked by 1 person


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