Great plans…nothing done

Snow on the deck to the east.

Snow on the deck to the east.

James was home from school today because of the State Boys’ Basketball Tourney. It is the time that his school takes their spring break. The team next door to his school made it to the tourney this year and we listened on the radio, but so far they have lost both games. I sure hope they are able to win tomorrow. So, I was planning or thinking at least that with a day off we should get something accomplished. Initially we were headed to our oldest daughter’s house to help her do some painting. On Wednesday she called to tell us the textureing wasn’t finished and so we can’t paint yet. Good thing, since the roads were not the best and we have had snow off and on today. It is squalling as I write this.

Now we knew that we were not going to Jamestown, so I started thinking of some of the things we need to do around here. Mostly I was thinking in terms of sorting like our closet, which we bought a new rod for and new rod holders so we can hang clothing on both sides and take down some of the shelves and have it only for our clothes and not for all of the sheets and blankets and on and on. Didn’t happen. The other room I was thinking we could do would be the computer room. There are papers in there that could be sent to the shredder and pictures and old magazines and way old technology things and boxes of stuff we took out of the desk that we gave to Paulina, and the closet needs sorting and I don’t even think we use all the drawers in the file cabinet, but that didn’t happen either.

Old machine heading to the carshed

Old machine heading to the car shed

Instead we switched out the washing machine. The machine that we got from James’ parents for our wedding in 1982 has gone on the fritz. I initially thought it was a belt, so we had that replaced, but that wasn’t it. Next I wondered about a bearing, but the repair person came today, and it is the transmission. He is going to see if he can find one in some old parts area and replace it, but for now we are working with the old one that we used when we were in Linton. It works, but … Always a but. When we switched it, we found that the water intake valve is now leaking. As long as those are left without opening or closing all is good, but we had to close it off for the belt repair and then again for switching the machines, and now it is leaking. What a pain, I had to have towels on the floor all day while I was

James working behind the replacement washer.

James working behind the replacement washer.

washing to soak up the drips. The worst part for me was that as we went to move things, we saw what the floor and the walls looked like where it had been sitting. James ended up cleaning up under and behind the washing machine and the dryer. As long as we were in the process of some major Yuck cleaning and there wasn’t really room for both of us in that area, I drew the straw for cleaning up behind the stove. I ended up with a bigger mess than James had. My job wasn’t just the floor. It was the floor, the sides of the stove, the sides of the cupboards beside the stove and the drawer of the stove inside and out. By the time I was finished, I was really finished with doing anything else. I guess sorting the closet will just have to happen some Saturday when there isn’t a track meet. Ha! I am sure that means June and by that time the outside will claim our time. Maybe next March.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. glenda zimmerman
    Mar 20, 2016 @ 15:36:00

    at least you had an extra washing machine. always something to be thankful for.



  2. lucindalines
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 17:33:26

    I did get one crafty thing done today, but I posted that on my lucindacrafts site.



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