Ana Eating

Breakfast the morning we left.

Breakfast the morning we left.

Ana has gone back home, but I didn’t post all of the pictures or stories about her while she was here. I will try to share a few more with you about her. She was interesting to feed. She is a good eater, but has a strong opinion of what she likes and what she does not. And talk about independent. She wants to have the spoon and the fork to herself and use them, and either hand is fine for now. She was ok with the toast, but didn’t really like the cereal. Somehow I thought we were told not to put milk on it, but at home she was eating it with a spoon and milk beside her Papa. Good Grief! She didn’t even eat it here, no wonder.

Eating with Paulina.

Eating with Paulina.

On the picture to the right, you see her eating with Paulina feeding her. She did like this at times. She loved the attention and would squint her eyes at us and squeal. She also played a little with certain food items. When she was eating animal cracker/cookies or Gummy bears, she would hold up the item and screech “Help! Help!” When we finally realized what she was saying and watched more closely, we realized she was talking for the food item, as if it was trying to get help not to be eaten. We guessed that it was something she learned from her mother, but forgot to ask about it. Whatever it was about, she was a hoot. The only thing I really did not care for was the way she treated my sister Adrienne. This is the great-aunt for whom she is partially named: Anastacia Adrienne Michelle. I hope I have that all spelled correctly.

Tea party with Aunt Adie

Tea party with Aunt Adie

Anyway, we spent a little time with Adie during this week. One evening, Adie came over and brought a small cake and some Tupperware little girl dishes to have a “tea” party. Ana was a little over tired at the time, but really wasn’t having anything to do with the party or the small plates or any of it. Maybe when she is older she will understand the intent and the fun of it. Her is a picture of Adie trying to cut the cake with her. She had a pretty tough time with the cups. She doesn’t use a bottle anymore, but is pretty attached to the idea of a sippy cup or even a straw. As I say, when she is older. This morning her mother sent us a picture of Ana sitting on the couch with her favorite little toy sucking her thumb. We made it through the week without that little thing. She looks exhausted and like she is glad to be home. Vic said she has been calling for Papa (her dad). I guess Grandpa and I are now out of the picture for her. Oh well, can’t wait to see her again. Have a great day!

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  1. Adrienne Knoepfle Dupper
    Mar 14, 2016 @ 13:23:04

    Ana will come around I’m not concerned.



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