Ana out in the cold

Ana feeling the wind in her face.

Ana feeling the wind in her face.

Ana dressed for outside.

Ana dressed for outside with her boots on the wrong feet.

Ana heading through the flower garden to the east door.

Ana heading through the flower garden to the east door.

This morning Ana insisted on putting on her snow boots, cap and coat and heading outside. It was cold and windy and to top it off, it had been raining since before James got up at 6 a.m. to get ready for school.

We had thunder and lightning and rain in the early part of the morning, then wind and rain after the sun came up, later around noon there was sleet and even some snow. At the moment it is still wet and windy.

It was around 10 a.m. when she decided we needed to take a tour outside. She was still wearing pajamas, but was bundled up pretty well until her pants slipped up above the boots. I tried to convince her we would go out to the porch then when she realized it was cold we would be able to come in. Not a chance. She wanted to go out the east door rather than the west door to the porch. She must like the look of the steps to the east, I think it reminds her of home. When she realized which direction those steps were, she took off and never looked back even when I called her. When she came inside, it was just a few snacks and a little wrap in the blanket, and she was ready for a nap. What a hoot she is. Until you say the wrong thing. I need to catch a picture of her hitting the table or the floor when she is unhappy with what we say. Actually, I would prefer not to have any more of those moments, but I am sure we will hit a few of them as the weeks continues. For now we will just enjoy every minute we have with her.

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