Ana at play

Stacking blocks.

Stacking blocks.

Knocking them down

Knocking them down

On Saturday Paulina and I took Ana to the basement to pick out some toys from the stash we have there. Paulina allowed her to take her Kelly doll (behind Ana in the picture) and a few other things. I dug up the blocks that all of the girls used in there early years, and here are the pictures we took of her first few minutes of playing with them. Yes we did take the time to wash everything. The dust and yuck on them was pathetic. One item that she chose for herself as soon as she saw it was the Jamestown College volleyball. She has been playing with that pretty non-stop.

Ana on Monday morning.

Ana on Monday morning.

This final picture is of her this morning before she had her hair put out of her eyes. After she was dressed and all pretty, we went to get the mail and stopped at the bank. There she got a sticker and a sucker. Jaxon loves to go to the bank with me, he has that system figured out very well. Ana will learn it too, I would guess. She has been putting us through the paces that is for sure. The area in the television stand has been turned into her coloring area. The flowers in the background is the bouquet that Victoria sent in memory of my mother on the anniversary of her birthday. We had those in church on the 28th. The birthday was the 29th. Well not much else today. Ana is either on her third nap or down for the night. She went to sleep early last night then woke at 2 a.m. for a diaper change and went back to sleep until morning when James left for school. Not sure who is getting the better workout, her or us. Oh well, it has been fun. And today we finished up the crochet trimmed blankets for her and little brother David. Pictures of them are posted on lucindacrafts. Have a good one!!

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  1. jesshaak
    Mar 07, 2016 @ 19:58:45

    Look at that smile! Glad the old toys are getting good use. I think her mom might be missing her 😦



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