Ana came!!

Ana getting hair done by Grandma.

Ana getting hair done by Grandma.

It is possible that you will be tired of this topic by the end of the week, or it is also possible that I will forget to post any more this week. We have Ana at our house until Friday, and we are pretty excited about how much fun we will have.

We picked her up last night in Bismarck. Mom, Dad, Jaxon and David went on to Minot for Jaxon’s wrestling tournament. I realize some people don’t approve of children that small joining into organized sports, but for Jaxon it has been positive so far. So, it has only been a couple of weeks, but with his personality that wants to go full speed all the time, a few organized and disciplined tasks are not all bad. Besides it gets him off the electronic devices for a few hours a day, and hmmm maybe I should join a group like that to get me more active. Anyway, this post is about Ana.

After we picked her up we still needed to do some shopping. We had spent our time prior to getting her at the movie, Risen, which we all liked pretty well. I don’t know what the basis for the story line was, but it was an interesting take, and there were accuracies in it. I was really moved by the way they did the ascension. The way it was done, it almost felt like the directive to go out into the world and preach the gospel to everyone was to the audience more than just to the disciples. That part gave me goose bumps.

Pigs pages

Pigs pages

Ana's new book.

Ana’s new book.

So, during the shopping trip, we limited Ana to a book about baby animals. She would not move off the page about the baby pigs. It was hilarious. Her favorite phrase is “what is this?” and the whole time we were shopping, she kept asking that. We answered with “pigs” as well as the sounds that pigs make including the standard oink and a variety of squealing sounds and other things that she thought were hilarious. I am wondering if she was thinking that she had us acting pretty silly by the time the evening was over. She was really good in the car, too. In fact she was entertaining, but I suppose that was partially how we reacted. We laughed at whatever she was doing and then about three miles from our place, she nodded off to sleep and didn’t even wake when we put her in bed. What fun we are having. Next post, I will show her with a few of the toys we dug out of the basement.


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  1. christinelaennec
    Mar 06, 2016 @ 09:51:01

    Aww – Golden Books! They are so good. I don’t think you can get them in the UK, but I have kept a large anthology of Golden Books. I like them myself!

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