Happy 21st Birthday Paulina

Wow! Today my youngest child is 21 years old. I can’t remember the beginning of my 21st birthday, but I remember the gathering near the end. I was amazed at all the fellow students who showed up in support and to quench their thirst. I didn’t get up the next morning, but it wasn’t my worst day that is for sure. Paulina will pretty likely not have the same experience. She will very likely remember the beginning of her day. She has to take an all essay test in her first hour Western Civilization class at 9 a.m.

The last thing she will do on campus today is board a bus with the rest of the track team to head to the North Star Indoor Conference Track and Field Meet in Brookings, SD. James and I are leaving here in a few minutes to attend that meet. We are bringing a gift that I put together for her (pictures tomorrow) but probably no cake. Hopefully we can time it to meet up with the team when they stop in Watertown for supper. We are planning to meet them where they are and share a booth with Paulina.

I am sure some of the sisters wished that they had parents willing to drive to meet them for their 21st birthdays. Fortunately for us we are in a different place in our lives, literally and figuratively, so we are able to do this with at least one child.

Extra gift from Mom!!

Extra gift from Mom!!

As for gifts, her real gift was a bouquet of flowers from her father and me, but really that is his gift. My gift is something cheesy, though I hope she comes to value it. She told me to check her Pinterest site for what she would like. As an amateur photographer, she is always looking at vintage cameras. I know this isn’t exactly what she is looking for (the old SLR with film), but it is an antique and if I remember correctly Polaroid sued Kodak over the instant camera, and Kodak stopped producing them before digital was a thing.

Inside view

Inside view



Since she is going on the track bus and it would be a hassle to have this along, I am only sending her the pictures for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paulina!! May you enjoy your day!!

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  1. glenda zimmerman
    Feb 24, 2016 @ 10:17:45

    Happy Birthday, Dear Paulina!! Hope your day was fantastic! Sorry I am soooo late with my wishes!! You are a fine, young lady and will be a great teacher!!! Love you forever!! From your favorite great aunt!!

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