Good Luck at Conference

Paulina throwing the weight in Concordia. This is what she will be doing tomorrow.

Paulina throwing the weight in Concordia. This is what she will be doing tomorrow.

Today is Paulina’s birthday, and James and I took the day to meet her in Watertown for supper then head to Brookings for overnight so we could be at the Conference Track meet in the morning. As usual we never do just one thing at a time. Since the road to Brookings is through Aberdeen for us, and since the road to Aberdeen is through Ipswich and since you pass through Roscoe first, we combined a few things.

First off, I was given a gift certificate for two meals at Ricky’s Restaurant in Roscoe by one of the funeral home directors. Nice! James and I decided to plan the trip to stop in Roscoe for lunch. Next our church gets our candles for the altar from a company in Ipswich. The big thing is that they recycle the wax from the used candles, so we took our box of used candles (we burn them down to a certain height then change them for new ones) and dropped them off and put in an order to be shipped to the church.

By this time it was about noon. Next stop was one of the Care Center’s in Aberdeen where one of our members now lives. This woman was the janitor for our church for many years, but had moved to assisted living in Aberdeen before I started as the Pastor in our church. As we were visiting, and James was in the hallway, she noted that my husband should come in. Well, James is more outgoing than I am and he started looking at her pictures. One of those pictures was a rather older black and white of her mother and father and all her siblings and their spouses. James asked her to tell who they all were. As she was going through this, I realized one of her brothers was married to my great-aunt Lenora. Of all things. This was a wonderful trip and visit, and had James not been with me, I would never have learned any of that information. I hope to get back to the area to spend more time with her.

We did a bit of shopping after we left the Care Center, but not before we stopped at McDonald’s for a pie and drink and a peak at the North Dakota wrestling tournament via their wifi. Well, I forgot to tell James that I wanted a cream in my coffee, so as I went to get a shot put in, who did I see at the till, but Vi Kost, an old friend of ours from Herreid. She used to own the clothing store in town, and I remember spending countless shopping trips in that store. She even sold material, and I think I bought all my material for 4-H projects and Home Ec assignments there.

Fleece blanket

Fleece blanket

After leaving Aberdeen we headed to Summit then to Watertown where we waited for the bus. We were able to eat with Paulina and give her the gift we brought for her. I can finally show it off. I finished her orange fleece Volleyball blanket. I crocheted the sides and put binding on the ends. I found that one side is stretchy and that is hard to crochet, so I crocheted the sides that don’t stretch. Anyway, it was a fun project and so hard to keep quiet from her especially over Christmas when I had to hide it.

So, this is all for now. Good Luck Jimmies tomorrow!!

Mom dad and paulina

Dad,  Paulina and Mom. Fun time and lots of laughs.

Oh yes, we did decide to take a group picture after supper at Culvers. It was lots of fun to spend some time with the peanut while seeing the entire team interacting with each other. I am actually looking forward to the entire meet tomorrow not just the throwing part. When Paulina first realized that this meet would be over her birthday, she was a bit upset about not being able to spend it with her family. I promptly gave her a what for. I told her how lucky she was to be able to be at a track meet or going to one on her birthday. There is nothing better than being at a meet on my birthday. Lucky for me that happens more times than not since my birthday is in April. This year it is on Sunday, so maybe next year. Ha!! Well, hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. glenda zimmerman
    Feb 24, 2016 @ 10:19:06

    Nice selfie!! Looks like you had a great time!

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  2. lucindalines
    Feb 19, 2016 @ 22:34:27

    Details on how to do that blanket on lucindacrafts in a day or two.



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