Ash Wednesday décor

Last night was our Ash Wednesday service. We decided to skip the soup supper making for Lenten Services this year, and do a service followed by a snack of some kind. We are not limiting it to bars and cookies so we are just calling it finger food. This should be a good time as our congregation loves to get together to hang out and visit. They like to have an excuse to come to church and just be together. I think that is the part I love most about this group.

So, I have been doing some reading and checking out some ideas on our national website for ideas of how to do some different things for Lent. One of the things that I read mentioned decorating especially the altar area. Well, we decided to hold the services in the basement where the Sunday School used to meet for opening worship time. It has an altar and podium and is really like a little sanctuary, but we use tables instead of just chairs. The only thing I notice is without a mic I catch myself working to project, but the acoustics are pretty good and so everyone is good with it. I also have no problem with the projecting thing, something that apparently drove a few of my fellow teachers crazy in my last school, but that is a different story.

Table set up

Table set up

For table decorations I decided to bring the candles to church that I have been making. Mostly I have been using old candles that the church was about to throw out, so why not bring them back there. I invited the people to make them disappear after the service. A couple followed orders very well, but a couple of them said these are so nice can we keep them here for the entire season of Lent then take home what is still here. I couldn’t argue with that, but here is the new kicker. I will continue to make more candles each week and replace the ones that get taken home. I will fix them. HA!

Box of candles before I put them on the tables.

Box of candles before I put them on the tables.

That way, I will get rid of more of that candle wax. My plan is to have that shoe box empty by Maundy Thursday.

The little container is a bunch of molded scented wax to put in one of those little warmers. The smells were fairly intense in the room. I had used some cinnamon, some gardenia and some lilac scents. It was strong enough to cover the musty smell of the old material I cut up for the little table runners. And thankfully Marva insisted that I put something under the candles that were not in containers. That tall yellow one ran all over the place. It is getting a glass container net time.

At our next Wednesday meeting we will be looking at Jesus’ miracle of dividing the loaves and the fishes. I might mention the water into wine, though we had a message on that fairly recently. Anyway, the theme will be food, and we are set to collect non-perishable food items for the local food pantry, and so that will be part of our decoration for that night. I am excited to be all about that kind of thing. I just how that my imagination hangs with me for the next weeks. We also messages on how Jesus: healed others, calmed the seas, cleansed the temple and forgave those who killed him. Should be a fun season, and one thing I know for sure there will be plenty of snacks and fellowship afterwards. I think there was a hint last night about keeping the message short so there is more time for visiting. HA, not a problem!!

What are your plans for Lent this year????

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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