Friday’s ramblings

I didn’t make a list today, so I could say that I did more than I planned, but that really isn’t true. I made a mental list last night and on it were lots of plans. I have hardly touched that list, but because it isn’t on paper, not much is done. There have I rambled enough to turn you off so you skip this post and just keep on scrolling, looking for an interesting picture to like or a couple of opening sentences that catch you attention. You will get nothing here worth reading so perhaps it is better for you to move on.

If you can’t tell, I am at loose ends today, out of sorts would be a good way to put it. I am at one of those crossroads that I can’t tell which way to turn or how to go about what is next. I am so much better in dealing with the urgent, the catastrophe, the right now demands than I am at planning the long-range the what is next sort of thing. Yet that really isn’t true either. I am great at planning events and large functions, but perhaps when you think about it those are demanding at the time. Those are urgent and needing attention.

I have things that need doing today, but I should be sitting down and writing a sermon for Sunday, yet, I can’t seem to put that on paper yet. Why? I have no clue except that I am out of sorts about a few things, and I just need to get over them and move on get them accomplished already. We have people in the congregation who are on the membership rolls, they live in the area, but they don’t show up in the building. Shall I call on them? What is the protocol? Who do I ask?

I am such an introvert, I don’t want to go out of my comfort zone. I need to sell this, but how do I sell anything? I can’t sell. Heck I would have a hard time selling hand warmers to a person living in the Arctic. I would probably show up on the only warm day of the year. I couldn’t sell a glass of water to a stranded motorist in a desert. The list goes on but you know what I mean.

I have these things that need attending. I need to write a message for Sunday morning. As I was getting started, I realized that we should be doing officer installation this Sunday, and I forgot to put it together. Great, just great! One more thing for next week. I did finally get some ideas going for the messages of Lent down the road. Hurrah for me, should I give myself an award or build a shelf to set it on.

Next is packing. If I plan to leave the house by 2:30 perhaps it would be a good idea to get the clothes in the dryer and fold up the dry ones and finish putting things into the suitcase. What about the food I plan to drag along? Maybe the cooler could be packed and put in the van. And then if I want to take along that skirt that I promised Jess I would repair. Good grief some of that could have been done on the machine….

Paint in mini cabinet

Paint in mini cabinet. This was a film strip storage unit. I bought it at an auction sale years ago. I store my thread in the top shelf.

Fabric paint/markers

Fabric paint/markers

What about all the other things that didn’t get finished yesterday, the plants need water and the …and the …and the … I did do a little decluttering today. I emptied that box of acrylic paint and found a home for the fabric paint and an idea about where to put the brushes. There is some progress. One thing I learned is that if I plan to ever do anything, the phones need to be taken away or turned off. I just can’t get anything done when I am on the phone. I used to tell my students it is a proven fact you can’t learn when your mouth is always flapping. Perhaps I need to remind myself of those things now and then. Hope your day was more productive.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Feb 06, 2016 @ 06:22:06

    Sorry to hear your day went that way. My Friday included being able to get to yoga class – excellent – but then needing to step out to have a text conversation with my rather panicked daughter; then taking her to the nurse for her sore toe, and then a visit to the optician for her terribly dry eyes, followed by the pharmacy and then about two hours of sitting with her and bringing hot compresses every three minutes. The poor darling was suffering terribly, and was frightened. So I didn’t get much accomplished either! However, all was much better by evening and I was able to arrange to go see my friend in Aberdeen a week today, and booked the tickets. It’s like one of my favourite jokes: How do you make God laugh? Tell Him your future plans!

    I wish you luck with your sermon. I can’t get my head around Lent starting in a few days! But maybe, as with Advent, Lent is a frame of mind that we shouldn’t limit to a certain period of weeks every year? Hmmm….

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