Feb. sunrise and snow squall

Sunrise Feb, 3rd,

Sunrise Feb, 3rd,

I had all these plans to take a picture of the sunrise on the first day of each month this year. Fortunately I didn’t write anything about it in a resolution of plans of the year sort of thing. I did it in January and it is posted on my lucindagardens site, but for some reason I kept spacing it out in February, and something was nagging at me about forgetting a post of some sort. Oh well, not all plans happen and not all weeks are good. If I ever get past this sinus issue that has been plaguing me for the past two weeks perhaps my head will unfog and life will be better.

Sophia getting pelted with snow.

Sophia getting pelted with snow.

Speaking of sinus issues. I am using that as my official reason (notice how I dodged the word excuse) for not stopping at the Health Care Center today when I was in Eureka at the church office. I just couldn’t drag myself there. I had every intension of going , but when I got into the van, the wheels turned west and I headed home. The sky looked really funny the closer I got to highway 83, then as I came into town it was snowing. By the time I was in the house and hanging up my coat there was a full blown snow squall.

Looking to the north behind my mother's house.

Looking to the north behind my mother’s house.

I went to let the cats out, but Roger politely refused, and Sophia returned after she was pelted with some rather large flakes. I took a few more shots of the snow, and by the time I was back in the house looking at the pictures on the camera, it was over. By then the Knepfla soup that I had set on the stove to warm was hot, and it sure tasted good. It was almost too hot, but it felt so nice on my throat. Thinking of cold, my feet didn’t warm up today until I hit the Klaudt hill on highway 10. That was about the point when the heater in the van maxed out. I finally turned it down, but oh it felt nice. Looking at these pictures, you can imagine how nice a bowl of soup and warm heater were.

Trees behind the dike.

Garden view

Trees behind the dike

Trees behind the dike

I thought the ground hog said winter is over??????





Snow on the railing

Snow on the railing

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