Some Daughter time

Somehow when James and I sent the last daughter off to college, we started down this path of what some call empty nest living. It was easy and after living for three and a half decades with the constant responsibility of children, it was refreshing and relaxing to just be ourselves. And believe me we weren’t so much being a couple as we were a couple of people inhabiting the same house. We ate/eat together, go places together, but evenings we usually are doing our own things in our own areas. Not sure how we would survive in a one bedroom with a single television. Sad….

Family is what counts

Family is what counts

Well, last week with the birthdays and on and on, it has become apparent that there is no empty nest. It just moves and as much as we want to move into the world of no worries and no cares, our children are there and we need to be part of their lives and need to have them in ours. So today this post is about FAMILY. Interestingly we received a neat reminder of that from James’ youngest brother and his wife. Cassie made boards with Family burned onto them and each with a different picture. She did ours to reflect the cats that we have and it is perfect for us. It hangs in our kitchen by the door, but I am starting to think it needs a more centered spot. I will begin thinking about where to move it.

IMG_6258We are about to embark on a series of weeks of going to Paulina’s indoor track meets. We missed her first two and are planning to go to the rest, but you never know what comes up. We missed the first one because of a funeral and as much as we don’t prefer it, that could happen again, so for now we will plan one week at a time. Tonight after the game we are heading to Jamestown to stay with the girls and then on to Concordia College in the morning for the Cobbler Duals meet. I am excited, of course anytime there is a track meet, I am excited. The truth is I don’t even need to know any of the participants, it is just fun for me to watch the competition.

Snow is melting in sunshine.

Snow is melting in sunshine.

The tentative schedule for James’ team the Linton-HMB Lions is already hanging on our fridge, and I so the feeling of spring is beginning to seep into our bones. It makes it much easier that the sun has been shining for the past few days bringing much needed light to the skin and brain and mental health. The picture on the left is of the spring bulb garden that we started two falls ago. Last spring was its first sprouting and I look forward to what will return this year. We tried to cover it with plenty of leaves and mulch incase the winter was open (no snow). It looks to me like we need to hope for more snow, or get a bit more cover here. Always something when you have a home and yard, but no matter what, I am resolved that we will spend more time with family and not just grandchildren. I had a great outing with my aunt yesterday, and was able to attend Elisabeth’s basketball game on Tuesday. I guess we need to be more about those sort of things, and less about sitting in the dark watching TV and playing computer games. Ha!! What family encounters have you had recently??? Share!!

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jan 29, 2016 @ 12:09:20

    That sounds great. An interesting reflection on what family means. We live very far from our biological families, so our interactions are with our family of friends, and with my church family. Recently though I have been “spending time” with some of my foremothers online, on a genealogy site!

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