Give us this day….

This morning we woke to the realization that all the shopping we did yesterday did not include picking up any bread. We were in two different places where we could have gotten some, and I kept thinking of grabbing a loaf of French bread and had I done that I would have realized we were out and needed bread in general. Oh well. Paulina found a recipe and made up the dough which I later divided and we have three (opps only two left) loaves in the cupboard. I also made up a batch of biscuits to use for breakfast so all was fine.

It has been ages since I have made homemade bread, mostly because the bread machine is broken. I finally went on-line and tried to replace the pan which is what is broken. Technically it is the seal that is out, but neither of us want to deal with trying to replace that. I can find a seal kit, but James doesn’t think all the parts we need are there, so we are not sure if we will order it on-line or if I will just buy an entirely new machine. I was a bit surprised to see the price of them on-line. I should have checked the stores at Christmas, there are always good specials at that time. Oh well maybe I should just learn to do it without the machine.

I also need to replace or repair my sewing machine. I have looked at a new version of that, but don’t like how plastic the new ones are. I like my old steel machine and am not really willing to five it up. I guess if the repairs come in under $50, I will keep it. After looking at the manual, I am pretty sure the problem is lint or thread jamming up the bobbin area. It could also be the lack of oiling that has been done to it in the past 15 years and I am not exaggerating.

So, I am confused about the blogging world here. Can any of the other bloggers tell me where I missed out. We used to get a Year in Review notice from Word Press that told us how we did this year. Have I been such a bad blogger that I don’t get it, or is it only for the Premium plans or was it discontinued this year???? If anyone knows the answer, I would love a comment on it. Thanks.

Well, not much else to report today. It has been a fairly slow and quiet New Year’s Day around these parts. The most excitement we have had is opening the door for Sophia as she has been playing her favorite “in and out” game today. Again, Happy New Year to you all!!!

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  1. Adrienne Knoepfle Dupper
    Jan 01, 2016 @ 19:54:24

    do you want my bread machine?

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