Psalm 121: A comfort reading

Yesterday when I was all blue and crying and “back in the day.” I put up the scripture that I had read in the morning. I really should have turned to the Psalms and chapter 121. I always use this one at family services when someone has passed on. The opening verse is enough to hear. “I lift up my eyes to the hills from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” I have heard that was one of my grandmother’s favorite verses and it certainly ranks up there for me.

I should have taken a class on Psalms when I was in college, but I decided to follow my other major and do a class on Women in Sports when the Psalms thing was offered. I had taken a class on Revelation the previous January, so time to branch out. See, when I was in college we ran on an interim program during the regular semester and between semesters. It was a 2-1-2 set up. We went to regular classes for 2 days, then had a day of labs and tutoring and observing and such and then 2 more days of classes. It was great! The semester was set that we ran 4 months, then after Christmas the month of January was interim. You could come back to campus for a relaxed schedule of one class only. Each professor also had only one class, or you could find another campus that did the same thing and go there in an exchange. It was great for the runners who wanted to train in the south on the beach. At the end of January, we had a three-day break and then came back for second semester of 4 months.

This changed when I was a junior or senior because some faculty member saw it as a detriment to our studies. We also had a president who thought that Tuesday nights were nothing but parties. Well then make Wednesdays harder. Ha!! By the way, that was the same president who nearly bankrupt the college with his skimming, but that was never charged or proven, so I will say no more. No names, no school names etc… I remember because I was on student government and we probably didn’t get into trouble for some investigating that we did…. No wonder we never come together for reunions. Ha!! I also probably wasn’t threatened that I wouldn’t get a teaching certificate because they would block it because I knew about the students investigating, but didn’t tattle. Probably not, and look at me now, trying to be a pastor of a church and act all moral and such and here I was in on this sneaky thing where we tried to prove that someone was doing wrong. Hmmm. I guess that is part of life. Oh the places we go and the things we do. Still the best philosopher and writer ever is Dr. Seuss. Well, no more to say, have a good one!!

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