Tuesday tasks

Boy I really need to get on a major project. Lately the more free time I have the less I do. At least I got the mail and picked up packages for my sister and aunt. The former was her cap and gown for her graduation from her masters program in education. I started mine when Jessica was about three or four, she is about to turn 30 and I have all the class work but an unfinished thesis. I should have listened to the whole language professor on my committee. Oh well it wasn’t to be so that is how life goes.

My big accomplishment today was updating the addresses for the reunion booklet. James and I walked the rest of the cemetery on Sunday and found more of the deceased dates. Adding that to the booklet might seem like a waste to some, but it is my idea so I will get as many as I can.

Not much else here. The weather has turned colder, but with Roger tight against me I feel like it is July. Take care for now.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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