Events of Monday

Today I spent the day cleaning at my mother’s house only to find out my sister from Wishek was planning to come and do that later this week. Rats!!! I would gladly have stayed at my place doing laundry and other things. Oh yes, I did my laundry. I even made a decent supper for a change. I went all out and peeled potatoes, and cleaned carrots and chopped up zucchini to make a vegetable medley. It was quite good. The potatoes were boiled to mash up and add toppings as you choose, but the zucchini and carrots and frozen from the garden beans were steamed with just a touch of butter and brown sugar on them. Put a hamburger steak on the plate beside and a piece of cream cheese pumpkin pie in a graham cracker crust and well, I wasn’t looking for a snack later. Oh, never mind, I had an apple. Tomorrow might be a good day to get outside and walk this off. I thought we were supposed to have bad weather today. My ankle kept saying it was getting colder, but when I put on a heavy coat to go outside, I was surprised by how much I didn’t need it.

In fact the air wasn’t even cold enough to make me feel chilled after working up a sweat while vacuuming and sweeping at my mother’s house. I did feel like a good soak in an old tub though. We really need to use that enamel fixing kit on our old tub. I may have to try that out. I promise to keep the camera near by to show just how it turns out. I have several of those nearly finished or need to be done projects. Paulina and I talked about a few of them today. I want to get them finished and if I can’t find a use for the finished item, I will pass them on to anyone who will take them.

Just paused to check the weather forecast. It says there is a 50 percent chance of rain here. Hmmm, I guess we are in the dry 50. It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow, warmer Wednesday then drop in temperature. I knew I could feel something coming on my ankle. I guess if it really does get as cold as predicted on Thursday and Friday, I will be moving the plants from the car shed to the basement. What a pain. I think this year I will have to do some transplanting. The terracotta pots will not be coming inside. They give up too much moisture and ruined the top on a dresser last year. Well, this is all fro now. Have a great day!!

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