First date anniversary

Wow, if anyone would have told me as a teenager that someday I would be able to say I have spent more years married than not, I would have laughed. Tonight James and I celebrated the 34th Anniversary of our first date. Given that we were already married by the first anniversary of that day, we have been together a few years.

It was Friday, Nov. 13, 1981. I was coaching girls’ basketball for the Pollock Bulldogs. We were terrible. I was a coach without a clue. I could out run my girls when we got on the line and did ladders, but that was about the only place that I excelled. I will say that I understood defense, but in basketball it sort of matters that you score some points every no and then. I was terrified if we had to have a miracle play for any reason, and fortunately for me the varsity team was usually so far behind that nothing could save us.

My “B” team on the other hand was quite good, and there was not much I had to do to help them win. I think the only thing I accomplished that year was upset the parents because I didn’t pull the sophomores up to the varsity, but I knew what I was intending. I wanted them to learn to be winners. I was looking at their future not at the present year. It didn’t help that I had juniors and senior who needed a cigarette before every practice and game. I believe if they could have smoked at half time, we might have won a few. OK, just kidding.

So, the issue with the team. It was our last regular season game in Eureka and we got thumped at their Parents’ Night. I rode the bus back to Pollock and left town to come home to my mother’s place in Herreid. I went up town to the local bar. It was really the only place to go at the time for anyone my age. There in the back room at a table were a group of young men that I knew. They invited me to join them.

This one guy named James asked how the game went. Really? All he ever did was talk to me about that team that I didn’t know what to do with. As the story goes, we left together to ride around in his blue pick up and on Sunday night, he came to my place to watch television while I corrected papers. You can tell from those first dates how intense the romance has always been. Ha!! We found a movie to watch on that little black and white television that I had in my basement apartment. It was Young Frankenstein. Still one of my favorites.

The rest as they say is history. Now we are this old married couple who never does anything. Tonight I drove to Linton, picked him up and we headed to Bismarck. Little did I know that I was keeping him from watching the state football championships on television, and even worse, prevented him from going with a friend to the games in person on a press pass. Oh well. We shopped a bit, mostly for toiletries and some groceries, fruit and such that you can’t get in the grade A around here.

After shopping we went to have supper. We wanted to eat at Texas Road House, but the wait was 45 minutes. It was so crowded we almost couldn’t get back out of the building. We ended up at Apple Bees, and lucky for us they were so busy the manager took our order. He was fantastic. He was doing everything from busing tables to supervising new wait staff to seating people. We were in the section with the new girl, and boy were we lucky the manager took our order. It was out in no time, and some of the tables beside us only got half their meals until he found out and stepped in. It is really hard to find workers in those places.

Next we went to the new Peanuts Movie. It was really good, and for a Peanuts fan as I am, it was fantastic. I guess it was a good time out. We really need to do that more. It was actually sort of weird, just us alone, but then again, I guess you reap what you sow. Who would have thought that after 34 years of never doing anything like that two old codgers would decide to go out for dinner and a movie all alone.

For a new posting on Thankfulness, check out lucindagardens. I shared a picture of the little table quilt I was given on Sunday.

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