Fall Faith article

I haven’t come to grips with the reason, but it seems that summer just evaporated into fall this year. I suspect the dried up rows upon rows of corn in the area are from the dry soil. Certainly it isn’t because of a series of hard frosts; knock on wood to prevent those from appearing. My garden finished producing tomatoes about two weeks ago and now the bean plants have been removed and piled up and are patiently waiting to be taken to the compost heap. All that is left besides the carrots and beets are the peppers that I keep nursing along. I won’t count the zucchini. I have boxes and pails of them inside my house. I figure the only way to get rid of them will be to break into houses or cars, yes cars, maybe on a Sunday morning when they are all parked outside of a church. Now I am rambling and even if breaking into a car to give someone something might be thought by the vandal to be good, it is still not a Christian thing to do. The fact is, summer is gone, fall is here and the pumpkins are ready for Fall yard decorations and pumpkin pie and pumpkin bars and all things gooey and good. Fall is a beautiful time of year for its colors and smells. I particularly think of days on the farm when I smelled cottonwood leaves crunch beneath my feet. The cool crisp days remind us that as the calendar marches on, we have many events to look forward to in the coming days. As the secular culture celebrates Halloween, the church looks to All Saints Day, then there is Thanksgiving and the Advent Season and Christmas and soon after Lent and Easter, and then we are preparing for spring. To paraphrase Ecclesiastes 3:1, in all things there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. There is no time like the present to commit ourselves to a relationship with Jesus our savior. It seems we have so many in our world who are hurting physically, mentally and spiritually. As Christians we are asked, we are commanded to do what we can to ease the sufferings. In Matthew 25, Jesus teaches that when we do for others whether it is feeding or clothing or caring for those around us, it is as if we are caring for him. There is no time like the Fall to join in Christ’s work. And for those searching for what is missing in your life, and no time like the present to join in a fellowship of like-minded believers.

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  1. glenda zimmerman
    Oct 15, 2015 @ 10:22:43

    I actually canned 7 quarts of tomato juice yesterday. That is the latest I have ever canned tomatoes and I have another box almost ripe to can in a couple of days. How wonderful that there were so many tomatoes this year and people were so willing to share!! We were certainly blessed with our gardens this year.Thanks be to God!!

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  2. christinelaennec
    Oct 11, 2015 @ 16:14:53

    I love all things pumpkin… and you can buy pumpkin puree in Scotland now! My mother used to bring me a few precious cans of it, in her suitcase, from the US every few years. ! Such devotion.

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  3. oneblockwonderwoman
    Oct 10, 2015 @ 11:52:43

    Believe it or not, our summer squash struggled this year as did the squash of everyone we know. We barely had enough to eat a squash every other day, and they didn’t grow into baseball bats overnight like normal, and there certainly weren’t enough to sell at our table at the local farmer’s market. Oh, well, the tomatoes more than made up for it and continue to inundate us. I call it the ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES! But I am not complaining, just counting my blessings. You can leave some squash on my care in the church parking lot as you pass by. 🙂

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