Interview question #1

Last night my niece, Elisabeth, asked if I would take part in an interview thing she had to do for her social studies class. I actually enjoyed the path it took me on even though I was having a fit about some of the questions. I have decided to share the questions and my answers with you on the blog. It was fun thinking of some of these answers. I think that I will start with the one about trips when I was young. The reason is that yesterday someone was on my blog looking back at past posts. I suspect they were in a post from early June of 2014 looking up the trip that we took with Jaxon to Custer, South Dakota to the Flintstone Village. He is still looking for the rat from that vacation. You will have to go to the archives drop down and go to June 2014 and click on the 9th on the calendar to find it. I know if only I could figure out the link thing, but please don’t anyone give me advice via the blog, been there, done that. I am not teachable in that way. And, if you don’t want to go through the work, no bother. Here is the interview question (s) of today.

Tell me about your family vacations when you were young.

We rarely went on a vacation. The one time I remember us going away, it was to the Black Hills to Rapid City to visit my mother’s step-brother and his family. When we were there Richard drove our car all around the Black Hills area showing us all of the sites. It was really fun. We went to Storybook Land, Dinosaur Park, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Lead, Rockerville (no longer there), through Custer State Park. My biggest disappointment of that trip was that we were in Custer eating at the Drive Inn, but they wouldn’t take us inside the Flintstone Village.

I have to add to this story for the blog. Later when James and I were married for about a year, we went on a trip into the hills with two of his siblings and their families. I cannot believe it, but they did the same dang thing to their kids, sat at the Drive Inn eating, but wouldn’t pay the entrance fee to the Flintstone Village. Well, I had enough. We went in. I didn’t care how old I was, we were going. I do think we took the kids. It was a blast. Later when Jessica and Victoria were little we took them, and that was really fun to watch them enjoy it, but the most fun was watching Jaxon enjoy it. I sure hope it stays open so we can go again with the other grandchildren. I grew up watching the Flintstones and the Jetsons as cartoons on like a Tuesday evening. They were on for half an hour each and just the best. I so enjoy the fact that with Facetime on our iPhones, we have no become The Jetsons.

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  1. stillsearching2
    Sep 10, 2015 @ 22:13:01

    What a great trip to have taken but what torture not going into Flintstone Village. I loved that show! So glad you finally got to see it. I might be able to help with the link thing.

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