More love, less hurt

Each month our church puts out a calendar to the members with the birthdays, anniversaries and events of the month. I also put a little blurb on the back to the members. Each month I struggle with what to say. The first year, I concentrated on the weather and the season and the crops. This year, I am trying to branch out a bit and share things that we should be thinking about as Christians. I hope this is something you, too, can make some sense of.

Church Newsletter: September 2015 St. Paul’s UCC Eureka, SD

I have been troubled this week by another mass shooting in our country. Some want to claim the answer is to take away all of the means to shoot someone whether it is to make it harder to own a gun or just eliminate them altogether. I am sure that I wouldn’t have to ask more than two people in our area to find three who are against that plan. Yes I said ask two to find three. What if instead of taking away the weapon, we took away the hatred? What if we took away the pain that caused the person behind the weapon to want to use it? What if we replaced the anger with love? I remember watching a movie in high school (no clue about the title) in which the main characters were infected by a germ that made them happy. It was very contagious and everyone they came in contact with became infected. To me it seemed like a wonderful infection, but as the plot of the movie went on the disease was eliminated. Too many company executives were concerned about the money they would lose. They said sales would be hurt if people didn’t need pills or gadgets or trips to make them happy. What a sad world we live in. As I watched interviews about a recent shooting victim, I was struck that no one mentioned faith in talking about the deceased. No mention of the reassurance a relationship with Christ gives us in a time of loss no matter what the circumstances. In Romans 8:38-39, Paul makes it clear that nothing, not death, not anything can keep us from the love of Jesus, if we believe. It would be wonderful to have a world where everyone can be happy all the time, but we don’t. Thank goodness we can have a personal relationship with a Savior who loves us and a God who draws us near, so we have hope for our tomorrow.


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  1. stillsearching2
    Sep 01, 2015 @ 17:00:58

    Well said!



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