No greater love

Every now and then it is my turn as the pastor in our small community to contribute to the local newspaper’s Faith Finder’s corner. This week I missed the deadline. I was devastated. I have never been late. One time, I was within a half hour of the deadline, but to completely forget about it, oh my. Of course, I know how local newspapers operate, since I used to work for one in the area. The deadlines are usually set a day a head to allow for emergencies and such, besides you can’t get everything proof read and placed in one day, though we used to try like the dickens some weeks. At any rate since I was under the gun, so to speak, this week, I cheated a bit. I started reading through some of the news articles in the internet feed: I found a really interesting article about the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I was glued to the TV, CNN during that time. I would stay up half the night watching. I can’t even remember where I was working at the time, let’s see that was 2005, so I was working at the newspaper and wasn’t punching an early clock, mostly a late one, so that is how I could pull off the 2 a.m. cable TV viewing. Anyway, the story was the one about Turkey Creek, Miss. It is a very good read if you are interested go and look it up. I would link it, but I am not too bright in how to do that, so hopefully the information I have given will allow you to find it. Enough… Here is my Faith Finder story….

Any of us who have studied the Bible know that Jesus’ greatest commandment was that we love one another. In the gospel of John chapter 15:13, we read, “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for a friend.” In our times of one mass killing after another, I found a heartwarming story today. I am known to search the internet news sites and found an interesting article. It was from The Washington Post and written by DeNeen L. Brown. My high school English teacher background tells me I need to give credit to the original writer when I write about something that I have read. Brown’s article was titled, “The town where nobody died in Katrina.” It was the Katrina thing that caught my eye. I can’t believe it has already been 10 years since that horrible event. It was the second time in my life that I was glued to the cable news networks. I couldn’t get enough of that story. I wanted to get in my car and head to the coast and help with the clean up, but I knew that I would be more in the way than of any real help, and so all I could do was put my meager little check into the church offering plate and hope that it helped. The story that I read on Thursday was about Turkey Creek, Mississippi and how one man realized that others needed help, and he convinced friends to go with him to rescue the people living in the lower part of their town. The author called the man who organized the rescue group a hero, the town calls him, “the Storm Walker.” He says that what he did was not heroic; it was just what any decent person who cares about others would do. I say this is one of those things that we wouldn’t have to stop and ask, “What would Jesus want us to do?” We know that what was done was the right thing to do, the loving thing to do, and that is what Jesus wants us to do. Someone deciding to or stab or gun down or run down others with a vehicle to take out their own frustrations are all things we have heard about or read about in some sort of news story in the past few days. Some have been in national stories, others more regional, but all are senseless. Jesus asks us to love each other as he loved us, even if it means we give up our lives because that is what he did for us. Hats off to the Storm Walker!

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