Sunflower Day #4

Today was a rather wild day. I will start with the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. In fact it is the kind that is called a Goldilocks Day, not to hot, not to cold, etc… I took a few pictures after I got home to show off the day, especially the sunflower and how it is doing. Tonight I knocked some moths off it. Good grief.

Day four of the sunflower

Day four of the sunflower

Adam was busy working on the roof at my mother’s house. He started on the north-west side and wants to have it back in order before the next rain hits. The prediction is for Friday. Paulina decided to make dumplings instead of pizza tonight, and we invited him for supper. I will have to be a better sister and invite him more often, but it will have to wait until Saturday as we will be out of town on Friday.

Now, I never explained why I was at home on a Wednesday afternoon. First off I was planning to get some things accomplished in church in terms of the quilts that Marva organized, but it was not to be. She and I took the school supplies up to the school this morning and that was really fun. I was so excited to be able to drop those off on behalf of the church, and to be able to do it locally really got people involved.

School supplies

School supplies

No, I had my day cut short because I haven’t updated my wardrobe. Well not totally, but yes. I was a bit behind getting up and didn’t want to make much of a fuss so I grabbed my old khaki’s with a new casual shirt and figured I would be in the basement most of the day after I was finished with the bulletin and before I would go to the care center. Well, I never got to the basement or the care center. I am hoping that I will be able to spend an extra day there next week. Here is what happened to me when I reached to a bottom shelf to look up the spelling of a name for an envelope. Paulina and I laughed quite a bit when we thought about it…

Torn pants.

Torn pants.

I suppose I could make shorts of these, or maybe not. Anyway, I knew there was a tear, but had no idea how bad it was until I got home and changed. Thankfully this happened when I was alone and no one came around before I could get packed up and home. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day in terms of wardrobe functions. Ha!! At least it was something to laugh about. More on the garden on the other site (lucindagardens)


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