House Guest (4-legged)

One of the things that happened when we went on the family trip was that we arrived in Dickenson with three humans and left with three humans and a dog. Jessica and Tony were heading to Minneapolis with his family for an outing and had no place for Raja. Paulina and Jessica had arranged this some time ago, but no one ever tells me anything. No wonder Jess got me that coffee cup a few years ago. It has a picture of Sally from the Peanuts gang and she says, “No one ever tells me anything.” Perfect.

Raja resting in the grass while I pick in the garden.

Raja resting in the grass while I pick in the garden. I told here she was in her own personal dog park and could do as she pleased. I think she was happy to just sit and look.

So Jess is now concerned about how Raja is doing. I will tell her that she may have lost her dog. The crazy mutt will not leave Paulina’s side. And, being that Paulina is moving to Jamestown to live with Jess and Tony while she is attending the University of Jamestown, I am wondering who the dog will chose. Oh by the way you may contact me later to place bets on who survives. For now the odds are even up, but that may change depending on how the dog leans. Ha! Ha!

Raja supervising James paint.

Raja supervising James paint.

Help, I need inside

Help, I need inside

On the front porch

On the front porch

She has been pretty good, but currently a bit mad because Paulina gave her a bath. In the process Paulina noticed that the ears were the source of the smell and cleaned them with a bit of peroxide. Boy was there an angry run around the house after that incident, but she does smell much better and I am sure will feel better in the long run. Now if Paulina would just clean out Sophia’s ears, but I am thinking the cat would scratch her harder than Raja does.

Well that is all for this afternoon. I am hearing the zucchini calling my name fro the kitchen. Oh man do I need a new food processor to deal with them. Oh yes and if you want to see some pictures of the crops in our area check out lucindagardens. I borrowed some of Paulina’s pictures to show off what things look like currently.

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