Ana time

Last week our little Ana turned 1. We were not there for the actual birthday which was Wednesday, but we showed up the next day and stayed until Sunday. Benjamin Franklin said many years ago that fish and visitors smell in three days. I guess we should know to get out of there sooner the next time we go. We did only stay with Nate and Vic on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday we left the guest room for Jess and Tony and we went to a hotel in town. The whole purpose of the weekend was to celebrate James birthday (Monday) and Ana’s birthday (Wednesday) and our anniversary (Friday). We are thinking that maybe next year the anniversary will probably be an at home sort of day. Not that we didn’t have a good time, but we have done so much running around the past month that we really don’t want to have to be outside of our own house for quite some time. It seems that every year it is the same thing. We sit at home all of June and most of July then the last week in July and a good part of August we are running here and there and every stinking place. Anyway, I didn’t intend for this to be a gripe session. I wanted to share all of the fun we had with this crazy little girl who is growing so fast and loves to dance.

Ana on her present from Paulina and Grandpa.

Ana on her present from Paulina and Grandpa.

She loved this new toy. It is still a little large for her to get on it easily, and so she decided to push it instead of ride it. She and Jaxon each took a pushing toy and raced around the house for a little bit on Friday night and on Saturday morning. Paulina and I were both holding our ears. I decided this is why children are born to younger people. It is also why grandparents purchase toys like this for their children. This child is really a little Victoria. Hopefully she will be a little tamer when she is in high school.

She is trying to talk and that won’t be long before she gets a few words figured out. She shakes her head yes and no pretty easily and is working on saying, “this.” She was a hoot at the Medora Musical dancing almost the entire performance. She did cuddle up with her dad every now and then, but as soon as the music started, she was back standing in the isle dancing like crazy. Here is what I could get in terms of other pictures of the weekend. It sure was a fun time. I will post more on the musical and the trip through Teddy Roosevelt National Park.


Cuddling with Paulina and holding the Minnie from Grandma

Cuddling with Paulina and holding the Minnie from Grandma

The Minnie Mouse was not the best idea for a gift at this time. You have to hold both hands at the same time and then it lights up the bows and sings to you. I guess as she grows, she might figure it out.

This gift was a little Bible. Jess and Tony are her Godparents.

This gift was a little Bible. Jess and Tony are her Godparents

Opening gifts from Jessica

Opening gifts from Jessica

Anyway in the long run it was a great time. We noticed a duplex across the street is vacant, we thought maybe if we were retired, we might want to move. Ha!! As much fun as that may seem, you wouldn’t get us away from our garden, even if it were to play the crazy mother-in-law across the street from the daughter and such. Victoria thought she might be the one who would lose her mind if she had a bossy mother that close to her. Anyway, it was nice to have Ana welcoming us by the time we left rather than running and hiding on her parents like the last weekend we were together. Hopefully we find time to get together more often in the near future.

One last picture for comparison. This was on Paulina’s graduation announcement. It was a picture of her at possibly age 3. Notice the wave!  Oh yeah, I saw that same wave a couple of nights ago when Adrienne drove past the pool and stuck her hand up.

Paulina about age 3.

Paulina about age 3.

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