Hot and dry in July

We were out of the area for the final days of July and the garden really looks the worse for wear because of it. James and I went to Mandan for the North Dakota State Coaches Convention. It was an interesting time. There were some sessions that were notably better than others, but that is how those things work. I may have enjoyed it better if I wouldn’t have gotten such a kink in my neck. It started the way I woke at home on Wednesday morning and went down hill from there. I chose the spot for the first session, and ended up under an air vent. Convention places are usually too cold, but I suppose it beats too hot, which I have done in the past when we were at a gym for volleyball.

Anyway, we didn’t give Paulina orders about what to water and when and how, and things were pretty parched by the time we got home on Friday afternoon. I suppose that is what happens at 90+ degrees F and a strong south wind. This is what we found….

Morning glories in the hollyhocks

Morning glories in the hollyhocks

The few morning glories in the border garden with the hollyhocks and the cosmos don’t look too bad. I am guessing they had more shelter from the wind because of the other plants around them.

Drying up morning glories

Drying up morning glories

The majority of the morning glories are supposed to climb on the posts. The wind really does damage to them when it comes from the south, which it did last week. It nearly ripped them all apart. Hopefully with a bit of moisture and a few calm days, they will come back to life.

Wind spinner

Wind spinner

It was so calm today that the hummingbirds on the wind spinner were completely still this morning when I went outside with my coffee. There was a bit of a breeze later, which was just what I needed to dry the clothes on the line without having them get all stiff.

Cosmos beginning to bloom.

Cosmos beginning to bloom.

I really like the color of the cosmos. They are very striking, but again the wind took a little out of them last week. Hopefully they also recover. I am starting to wonder if I am the one that is hot and dry and thirsty and that is why I keep thinking the plants are. We truly do need a shot of rain, though I understand other parts of the country need it more.

According to some information we heard this week, forecasters in our area are predicting snow fall this winter to exceed the snows of 1997. If anyone knows anything about that time frame, the school busses were riding on roads where the snow banks were as high as the bus, and some highways in North Dakota had to be cleared by the National Guard because the regular equipment wasn’t big enough. I hope that prediction is just a bit exaggerated.

Today is James’ 59th birthday. Paulina baked him a cake, but I didn’t even give him a card. What a terrible wife I am. We will be joining the other girls later this week to celebrate his birthday and Ana’s all on the same day. Tonight he is headed for the town board meeting, so hopefully it won’t be so long that he misses most of the night lounging at home. Anyway, enough for now. Hope your gardens are all doing well!!

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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    Aug 06, 2015 @ 00:22:26

    Looking for new posts! Have we gotten any rain out there? Are they almost done combining? Your uncle is always wanting to know! Was 114 here today! Was not outside much at all! Too hot to even be in the pool! How’s the amaryllis? Please water the geraniums at my house, OK. Thanks a bunch. Cash says to say hi to Paulina!



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    Aug 03, 2015 @ 21:26:18

    Happy Birthday, James! May the good Lord bless you with many, many more!

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