Trellis on a post

Hi just wanted to share my other site.


Here is a trellis idea for those with limited area or space or access to a place to grow your climbing plants. I have a wonderful porch and patio area, but my house faces west with south spot to grow vines that like to climb. I realized that I have wonderful posts for something to climb, but no way to plant or for the vines to attach. Here is my solution.

Morning Glories climbing lattice. Morning Glories climbing lattice.

I will give you a step by step on how I did this, so you have an idea. Mostly I used what I could find. First off, the plant is in a large pot. I have four posts, which turn into three walk through areas. I placed four pots, two in each of the outside walk through and left the middle area to actually walk through. See picture below.

IMG_5474The posts are load bearing to hold the walk…

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