Lists, lists and more lists

Last Friday, July 17, I posted some information about how James put together a stand we had purchased and together we stocked it with the canned goods left over from last season. It was good for us to go through everything together and figure out what we had, and mainly it just feels good to have everything all neat and clean. As we accomplished this task it occurred to me that we need to do several more tasks in the house this summer, and there is not much time left. So being the woman of lists, I sat down yesterday (Monday was the first day I was able to get to it) to start putting some ideas on paper, besides that I counted out the number of days we have left to do anything together. I came up with 12 days. My list could go into infinity, but that is another story. As I was waiting for James to come home from summer school, I took one minor thing off the list and watered most of the garden and fertilized the tomatoes. I want to put some Epsom salts on the peppers, but can’t find it so will have to get more.

When he finally came home and after we had some lunch but before I could mention the list, he said he would be re-staining the east deck today and could I help move the grill off it. Not a problem, but I had forgotten to put that task on the list. I used to have a rule, and still do when we are shopping, “if it isn’t on the list, we don’t buy it.” New rule might be “if it isn’t on the list we don’t do it.” Anyway, the deck really needs the stain to be finished so the polyurethane can be put on to protect the wood. I added the project to the list.

While he was doing the staining, I decided that I will get something accomplished that needs doing, and so I grabbed the four bags of compost manure that we purchased last week and added them to the flower garden around the concrete. I have been wanting to get the dirt level with the concrete since we had it put in, but so far not much luck. At least after this deposit, we are a little closer. Here is what it looks like after I finished.

Dirt in the cosmos

Dirt in the cosmos

Another view

Frogee is covering his eyes so the dirt stays out.

I took the pictures of the north side of the concrete flower garden. This is near the corner where most of the cosmos are growing.

I am hoping that the new dirt with add some nutrients to the plants and that will help push them to flower a little better. I made it around the corner and almost to the end with the four bags that we had. I am thinking another four or six would be just about right to get the level where I want it. At least this project was on the list. I felt good to cross it off, and it felt even better to have the bags out-of-the-way. I also filled in the holes around the area where the tulips used to grow. We took out a landscaping timber last fall, and I nearly twisted my ankle in the depression that is there. Hopefully that is fixed. Doesn’t it feel good to get things accomplished? What is on your “to-do” list??

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  1. lucindalines
    Jul 21, 2015 @ 15:05:03

    More information and pictures on my other sites: lucindagardens and lucindacrafts. Stop by and enjoy!!



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