Family Fun

4 Wheeler ride

4 Wheeler ride

This past weekend my Aunt and Uncle from Arizona were home to visit. They brought one of their grandson’s along and he was a blast. He will be three on August 8, or Faugust 8 as he pronounces it. In the picture above he is sitting on the 4-Wheeler with my sister Adrienne. There was some concern about him getting a ride, but it worked out fine. Adie took my grandson Jaxon on a ride last year before I even knew about it, so we knew it was ok. We know she is a careful driver, the only concern is the others, but in this town ATV’s are fairly common and we all know to keep our eyes open.

It was one of those weekend that makes you feel the loss of family living so far away. This morning as I worked in the garden watering my plants that don’t seem to be growing as fast as I would like, I contemplated some family history and situations. It seems that lately, we (at least me)¬†have become so set in our ways, so embedded in our own routines that being with extended family is more of a burden than a pleasure. How do things end up that way? Where does that come from?

Backing up in time, I remember being told by my mother how my father’s family used to do most of their farm work together. There were four families. They owned two combines and some other equipment in shares. They would take turns doing each other’s land both the planting and the harvesting. It was my grandfather Knoepfle and two of his brothers and one sister that did this together. Things worked out pretty well until the families grew and the land went to the hands of the children. The cousins were not quite as willing to do all the together stuff as the siblings had been.

Actually, my father was the first of the cousins in the mix because his father died and he ended up with the farm and the work. He was way more of an independent person than any of the others. Heck he didn’t even want a fuss over his birthday when he was young. His mother told me that story, how he ran out of the house when they threw a surprise birthday party for him. And we wonder from where some of our independent attitudes come.

Today I am just sad, sad and blue and maybe a little over tired. I don’t like the far away apart stuff. Yesterday afternoon James and I hopped in the van and headed to Jamestown to look over a house that Jessica was thinking of purchasing. I know that my children are also independent minded, but boy I wish that we had been able to figure out how they could live around the corner from us, or that we had stayed where we were, and they would be able to come to our place and visit on a daily basis, but it just isn’t like that. Jess teased and said we could sell our place and move there, … Ha, Ha! I have a hard time leaving my porch for a vacation.

Maybe I just need a nap. But first I better post the pictures from the garden. See ya later.

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