Rain, rain and more rain

I should not, should not, should not complain. It is very, very good to have rain.

So, I did not intend to make a poem of this, but I had to ward off the complain about rain and never see it again sort of thing.

These pictures were taken behind my mother’s house. I did a walk around with my fancy shoes-covered-with-plastic-bags so my feet wouldn’t get wet morning. There are more pictures of my vegetable garden and flower garden and such, but they are not on this blog. You need to go to lucindagardens@wordpress.com in order to see them.

puddle behind the house

puddle behind the house

Snowball bush, I think.

Snowball bush, I think.

This bush is at the back door there. I am wondering if we could sneak a rooting from around the edges and make another bush. If anyone knows about that possibility please let me know. I don’t want to disturb it if it is not something that can be done. I do it with the lilacs all the time, so just wondering.

mossy tree

mossy tree

up close

up close

Mossy trees are pretty, but sometimes they scare me because I wonder if it is harmful to the trees.

One last plug… I also have a couple of new posts on lucindacrafts@wordpress.com

One is Ana in a tutu and the other is a dilemma I am having with a beanie pattern.

Take care and stay dry!!

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  1. donna213
    Jul 04, 2015 @ 06:16:00

    Rain has been abundant, but we are in for much sun I think. We might be wishing for rain again if it is dry and hot.



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