De-cluttering and Organizing cupboards

So this is likely a really boring post, but I am so excited that I finally got to work that I just have to share. Tonight, after supper actually, I couldn’t deal with it anymore and I took everything off the two shelves above my spice shelf. I had moved the cookbooks out of a cupboard above the stove a few months ago and put them in a bookshelf (amazing concept for putting books), but the shelf was away from the kitchen and on the floor, and I haven’t really used any of them since. Paulina says it is because I don’t cook or bake anymore, but she is just not right. Anywho… I cleared out the middle shelf in the cupboard above the counter where I do all my work, and viola…I think I have a winner, you see below.

Cookbooks on the shelf.

Cookbooks on the shelf.

View two shows that the plastic cookbook holder even fits in.

View two shows that the plastic cookbook holder even fits in.

The top shelf ended up with the flavors and food colors and tea and such. I removed all of the water pitchers that had been stored up there and put them into the lazy Susan that is on the lower cupboard. In order to do that, I had to take all of the home canned items back to the basement. I almost felt like that Bert and Ernie story where Ernie moves all sorts of things around in order to accommodate the fish, at least that is how I remember it. The whole things goes on and on with Bert asking where things were and Ernie keeps saying, “I’ll show you Bert.” I loved reading that with the voices to my oldest daughters. I was always annoyed with how they had everything out of place. I am thinking that the moving of things today will take a little getting used to, but the best part is that the pie plates and casserole dishes that were stacked on top of the cupboards are now inside a cupboard and the clutter up there is starting to come down. Now if I can just convince myself to throw away those plastic containers that are up there it might really look ok. Happy de-cluttering to you!!

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  1. donna213
    Jul 01, 2015 @ 18:14:21

    I hate clutter and sometimes the husband is the one responsible – a pack rat he is.

    Liked by 1 person


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