Movie Night

Last night we were hoping to finally have an outdoor movie night. I had everything set up. We didn’t want to push it too far and stay long because of having to get up this morning. We were planning to watch an episode of the old Carol Burnett Show, but in the end we had to ditch the idea after all. Just as we got outside and got ready to sit down, it started to rain. I checked the rain gauge this afternoon and there was just a trace of moisture. Anyway, it was enough to put us upstairs in front of the television watching old episodes of Jeopardy. We only have 44 on the DVR at this time. Good thing there isn’t a limit on how many we can store. We erase them as soon as we watch them, but we are a bit behind. We can sort of tell how old they are by the commercials. We are finally past the Christmas episodes.

Screen in the background

Screen in the background

From this shot you can see the rain on the concrete and the white sheet behind the swing. We had that out on the lawn and the table where I was standing to take the picture. We were going to look at the movie under the canopy and sit out on the patio area. I even had my popcorn popped and a dish of ice cream ready to slurp up. Maybe tonight. Below are some pictures that I took in the dark trying to show off the solar lights. I will let you know tomorrow if we ever did movie night. I am thinking we will give up on Carol Burnett to watch an episode or two of Numbers.

Pond in the background

Pond in the background

Smaller lights

Smaller lights

New lights in new flower bed

New lights in new flower bed

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. christinelaennec
    Jun 25, 2015 @ 16:56:06

    What an amazing idea, outdoor cinema! Sorry you were rained out. I like your garden lights. Ours don’t work very well…



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