Possible quilts

Marva and I dug out all of the quilt parts that the ladies of our church organized in 2012. It was the last year they did them and they were all ready for 2013, but it never happened. We are thinking it should be done sometime before winter sets in again. Anyway, here is a pictures taken with my phone of what we found.

The left side of the table is a stack of backs. The right side is quilt tops ready to go. We counted about 25. The bench has some cut blocks and some boxes of material to be cut. At the end of the table is a tub of yarn for the knotting. It might be fun if we can get them to relax the rules of long days and hard work. Fat chance with that group! Oh well whatever thy want. It is their quilts to do as they wish.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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