Summer begins

Today is my beginning of summer. Graduations are over, state track is over, tomorrow being Memorial Day outlaws the wearing of black shoes except for funerals ans Roger and I are relaxing on the porch. I am just glad for the slight breeze that pulls the smell of cat marking by Mr. werewolf out of our noses every now and then. If it were still on the porch I would have to go to the patio because I can’t take that smell so much. I guess I know what is second on the to do list after plant garden on Tuesday. Tomorrow will be sit around day. 

I took a few pictures with the iPad so not real great, but they are a brief update. Roger relaxing below.


The bird nest that should have been moved before it was finished now has birds in. Rhubarb and flax below. Should cut that rhubarb and make cake tomorrow. You never know if someone drops by for coffee.

    Fern peony is beautiful this year and the last one is a set of petunias. It is finally quiet. A girl in the neighborhood was practicing volleyball setting on the side of their garage and the thumping was loud. Funny though when I realized what it was, and quit thinking it was someone dribbling a basketball, I was ok with it. We are a funny race of people at times. Hope you are enjoying your day and relaxing.

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  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    May 25, 2015 @ 07:27:41

    Cake, not pie? I never had rhubarb cake. I love that fern peony. Looks like it needs a bigger hoop though.



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