Left at home

Today I have been left at home. James said I need to get better not run around at a track meet. I understand he is correct, but why couldn’t I miss a different meet. This week I wanted to go and see what is happening. Perhaps if I had not driven all the way from here to Crystal Springs then to Jamestown then to Ellendale and back around again on Thursday, maybe I would have been ok for today. I know being over tired contributed, but on the other hand, it likely wasn’t the deciding factor, although the van registered 438 miles by the time I was back at the school. Anyway, it allowed one of the athletes to participate and go to a science event, so I guess it was worth the effort.

It is interesting though how a body can do what it has to do, but when allowed to rest, it falls apart completely. I think on Friday if I would have had to get up for some reason, I could have pulled myself out of bed. But, because I knew that I didn’t have to go anyplace to do anything, I just faded away. I did get up and shower for my chiropractic appointment, and that was a great thing. She fixed up my back and worked on my sinuses. I plan to return on Monday, and maybe after that treatment, I will be on the mend.

In the meantime, I feel like the woman from “Sorry, Wrong Number.” She sits in her house on the phone doing nothing important and waiting for someone to come home. The only difference is she is unable to walk and when the killer enters her house to smother her, she can’t do anything about it. Also I am guessing my husband won’t be hiring the killer anytime soon, well, I hope not at least. Enough of the weirdness in this post.

I did want to leave you with a bit of why I do not go to a medical doctor for treatment of what is likely to be a sinus infection. Paulina even wondered if I am bordering on mono. Ha! Not me. It seems that each time I think that I am on death’s door and I go in to be checked, the Dr. or PA or what ever is on duty looks at me and says, “Virus, and when was your last ….(usually they ask about mammograms and other female checkups).” The one day, I was there for a rash that I was sure was a reoccurrence of ringworm. I am not sure how my “female” organs were affecting a rash on my calf, but that was their response.

Now, I am beginning to believe that I could enter the place with my finger cut off and blood spouting all over, or perhaps my lips blue because of a heart attach, or maybe my kidneys would be shut down from some awful disease, and they will say, “Virus, when was your last…..” All this while family members and acquaintances go in for a hangnail and come out with a Z-pack of antibiotics and morphine for the pain.

One of the newer, no longer in the area, medical people decided one day that she needed to take an extensive history from me. I wanted to ask if she needed reading lessons since she had my chart in front of her and could have read it without all the silly questions. She asked about my family members and if my parents were living or dead. When she found out that my father had passed on, she asked how. By then I was raging, “Just give me the salve so the rash goes away.”

She didn’t even express sorrow or pity or anything just the question, “how did he die?” By then I was finished. “How you ask? How about stupidity?” I often tell people we don’t have cancer or heart trouble in our family, we just have stupid and crazy. My father was found asphyxiated in his shop that is often depicted on my posts. A car had been left running and he was wrapped in a blanket in the storage room upstairs. Did he do it? Did someone do it to him? Was it an accident? Probably the first, but after three days of decomposing in the heat, we were just lucky to know it was him. I think they IDed him by his driver’s license. Good thing this wasn’t Days of Our Lives and we aren’t related to Stephano.

I am not sure why all of this is coming out today. I am just frustrated about being over tired and unable to sleep because of this sinus thing. But, I will tell you being able to sit up in bed and vent, has drained my sinuses and made me feel much better. I think that perhaps, I will get to writing my message for tomorrow, for Mother’s Day. I promise it will be far more up beat than this post. And I really meant for this to have humor and not be a downer. Don’t feel bad if it gives you a laugh. Hope you are all enjoying the great outdoors today!!


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  1. Glenda Zimmerman
    May 10, 2015 @ 00:29:56

    Not to make you jealous or anything, but I saw some of the best high school track athletes in the Arizona state track meet today! The girls 3200 meter relay is the best in the USA by six seconds! The 100 meter dash was won by a boy who ran it in 10.5. It was77degrees and absolutely beautiful! I still think your dad’s death was an accident and please get well soon! Talk to you Monday!

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  2. mountaingmom
    May 09, 2015 @ 21:07:42

    Feel better soon.



  3. christinelaennec
    May 09, 2015 @ 16:47:55

    I’m so sorry about this person’s insensitivity. I have quite a jaded view of conventional medical treatment, and have found great help from complementary therapies. I believe the Amish use chiropractors to treat nearly everything. I hope you’re feeling better very soon, Lucinda! Your indoor plants are looking very happy. xox



    • lucindalines
      May 09, 2015 @ 17:24:33

      I am feeling much better thanks. The doctor thing is becoming my joke. I had a great aunt who avoided doctors too and she lived longer and without all the pills that the others had. I think we way over drug in The U S. Thanks for the nice comments!



  4. donna213
    May 09, 2015 @ 14:57:40

    I hope you are feeling a bit better. I saw the indoor plant post and came back to this one.



    • lucindalines
      May 09, 2015 @ 15:36:16

      Today is better. I think yesterday the decongestant sent me reeling. It is better to be home and out of the cold today, but I really miss getting to be with the athletes. Oh well. I have work to do anyway. Thanks for the nice comment.



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