Seedling up date

Wow, I was sure that I had posted pictures like these quite some time ago. Not so. I have taken several different shots of the tomatoes and the peppers and even stopped to count them at one time, but I keep forgetting to share. This is what is up and doing rather well so far. The only thing is that I need to keep watering a little each day in order to keep the balance between dry up or get too soggy. Such a deal.

Tomato plants

Tomato plants

Early girls

Early girls with peppers beside.

A tish more recent full view.

A tish more recent full view.

As of the last count, this is what we have in tomatoes: Heirloom Beefsteak 37, Roma (my favorites) 67, Giant Beefsteak 52, Early Girls 20. The peppers are weird. The seeds I bought new have barely produced. The old seeds are doing well as are the seeds I took out of the peppers I bought in the store. I didn’t think those would grow at all; I tried an experiment. And I thought that I didn’t like science. Each year in the garden is a real life experiment, as is each meal when I cook–HA! Peppers: Cayenne 8, Jalapeno 17, Colored 5 and from the peppers I bought, 13 from the orange one and 15 from the red one. From the way they look in the picture, I suspect those last two numbers to go up. Anyway, my point is that I will have plenty to share with family who needs them. So, as today was a rather long day, I am going to go crash with the iPad and remote. Take care and stay warm!

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  1. Tilly Frueh
    Apr 22, 2015 @ 10:38:30

    I am so jealous! Maybe I should stick to not transplanting mine. Yours look wonderful. I’m off to plant some seeds — again!

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