Ghosts in the yard

Brr! Last night and tonight, James and I went outside to cover the pear and chokecherry trees.  I don’t know if it really is too cold for them, but I am not into taking any chances. We have had those chokecherry trees for about give years, and they finally have cherries on them. The pear trees are in their first year, and I would prefer not to lose them. The temperature was at 33 degrees F last night, and tonight it might be colder. When will it ever warm up this year?

Little trees covered.

Little trees covered.

As we were hanging the sheets in the dark last night using the flashlight on my phone, James commented that it made him feel like we were out running around playing “Starlight, Moonlight.” Maybe some of you remember that tag game. We would call out, “Starlight, moonlight, hope to see the ghost tonight.” It was fun to run around in the warm summer nights in the dark. In those days it was so much easier to be young. We didn’t have to worry about walking from house to house in the dark or the daylight. I remember so many nights walking home the three blocks from Main Street. It would be totally dark between the street lights. In fact those old streetlights were like something you see in a play, or an old movie, the way they would barely have a ring of light around them on the street. It was a different world in those days, and still every now and again, you would hear of some tragedy, but it never struck close to us. We were like those youngsters in Summer of 42 (except for the love scene at the end), and Red Sky at Morning and all those other growing up stories.

So how did I get so nostalgic? I was going to tell you about how cold it was and what we have been up to this week. It seems last week was so busy and wild that we were forced to slow down this week. On Saturday after the trips were over, we did all the yard work that I mentioned in an earlier post about the yard toys. On Sunday we were all so tired that we nearly turned into zombies after coming home from church. Paulina finally headed back to Bismarck, and James and I zoned out in from of our respective televisions both watching the Country Music Awards show. I actually flipped channels and was watching a movie on Hallmark at the same time.

Monday was a real treat. I woke still tired wondering why I didn’t hear the garage door open. I found out that it never opened. James was so sick from what we are not sure that he stayed in bed most of the day. I ended up going to Linton for track practice. I picked up some over the counter medicine for him earlier in the day, and then got a few groceries on the way home from Linton. Today we were supposed to have a track meet. This is what the deck outside of our bedroom looked like when we got up.

Snow on the carpet outside my room.

Snow on the carpet outside my room.

I ended up going along with James to school so we wouldn’t have two cars to drive home after the meet. I figured I could keep busy updating the statistics and a few odds and ends before we left. So, about 9:35, we got the call that their was no meet. We didn’t realize it until the Hazelton students weren’t in practice that none of the coaches had called them to tell that it was off. I found out later that they knew about it, but we don’t know how they were contacted. Maybe the secretary is way ahead of us, we hope. Let’s just say it was a long day until practice was over and we were back home to another night of “clean out the fridge left overs for supper.” I managed to figure out some of the Sunday message, knit a couple of rows on the blue beanie and play a whole lot of Gummy Drop. I guess it is back to work tomorrow and hope that we actually get one track meet in on Friday of this week. It doesn’t look good with a prediction of rain. On the other hand with our continued high fire danger index, the moisture would be nice.

Last picture of the trees with sheets hanging on them. Tonight we decided to forget the lilacs, it is too hard to cover them. I guess it is what it is. With all of the cloud cover we wouldn’t even worry about a frost tonight if this were in the fall. I am not sure what the difference is between a fall freeze and a spring freeze, but I guess we will know by morning. Take care and stay warm.

Covers blew off the lilac trees.

Covers blew off the lilac trees.


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