Prairie Fire

We have been hearing high fire danger for a few days and there have been fires here and there in both Noth and South Dakota, mostly North. The dead grass, high winds and lack of any rain and little snow last winter has not helped at all. As I was heading to track practice today, a rare occurrence on a Wednesday, I passed a fire just off US Highway 83. It turned out to be land owned by James’ younger brothers. A neighbor, their cousin no less, was planting in the field to the south of their CRP land when he hit a rock and the spark took off. They lost six stacks of round bales in the fire, but they stopped it from jumping the road and getting the farmstead in the area. Here are some pictures I took from my phone.



The top picture is far off but gives you an idea of the stacks. The second shot is the “command” center for the fire and ambulance people and such. The ambulance was precautionary, but still needed. The bottom is a shot from on the way home.

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  1. Heather
    Apr 16, 2015 @ 10:20:43

    When I lived in GA, we used to worry about forest fires. I’ve seen my share of grass fires though, and they can be just as scary. Glad they got it put out without too much damage. Hope you get some rain to alleviate things!



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