Red Sky at Night


On the way home from church tonight I stopped on the highest hill to get these pictures of the sunset. I wish that I could have taken it when it was bright red, but I didn’t want to take a shot until the electric poles were gone. In the meantime the sun was setting so…..

Today was another busy day though it didn’t feel all that busy. I was in church at the office there. I tweaked the bulletin for Sunday, proofed and major edited the piece for the newsletter, finished the bulletin for today and put together a little message for tonight. I will share those in another post. Just before I was heading to the Health  Care Center, I received a call that a member had passed away. She was 94 but in very good health until a fall a few weeks ago. It just reinforces that we are all just one accident away from a disaster. The moral of the story is take care of yourself. What was the phrase the Sargent in Hill Street Blues used to say? It was something about be careful, it is dangerous out there. So now you know. How was your Wednesday?

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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