Just another day in the home office!

Grapefruit sections

Grapefruit sections

This morning I set out to have a little breakfast, read up on the scripture lessons for the next few services and see what else needs to be done. It is almost 1 p.m., and except for a brief stop in the kitchen to get some lunch, I have been in my office in front of the computer or phone the entire time. It might be worth noting that I did get out of bed when James left sometime after 7:30 a.m. I put the coffee on while he was in the shower, took a short “watch the news/check my computer” after the coffee was set, but mostly I have been working. It is interesting how productive one can be when the iPad is in seclusion in the bedside drawer being charged. I have been on the large computer, but sitting in an office chair always means more work gets accomplished.

Looking out the office window, the sky is gray and gloomy. The wind has been almost raging, and I expect we will have plenty of willow twigs to pick up come the weekend. Perhaps I could weave something of a trellis with them. Better not try, James will likely throw them at me. It is enough that we have to figure out how to move the sparrow nest on the porch light.

Sparrow nest

Sparrow nest

It seems to be an every year sort of problem. This year, though, I think they have gotten a bit out of control with the size of their nest. I was hoping we could put up a board fairly close to the light and just slide the nest over. I don’t want to disturb them, but I don’t want the house burning down because they put the straw where there could be some problems with electric wires. Hopefully they haven’t bitten on anything and caused any fraying. They are rather fun to watch and by the end of June are almost tame in the way they come and go if I sit quietly on the deck when I am having coffee or just relaxing.

So what about that first picture with the grapefruit sections. I love eating it, but I just hate the time it takes to sit and cut out each piece and how messy it is and such. Today I remembered that my father used to peel them the way you peel an orange. We all thought he was a bit weird, but today it made sense. He didn’t like the time it took either. He was a get to it sort of person, and now this makes perfect sense. The other day someone (auntlike) said I sounded just like my mother when I said a certain phrase. Well today, I verified that I act far more like my father, scary thought in some ways. Great accomplishment in others. I wish I had half his creative genius. Maybe that explains his demise. I had not meant for this blog to go in this direction, but as they say when you write, you cannot always control what words end up on the paper (or the blog for that matter).

Anyway, this morning was a bit crazy. I did all my reading, started some notes on future messages and then the phone rang. It was Debbie from HMB, they were wondering if I can do a few of the English sub spots that they cannot seem to fill. Well, we looked at my April calendar, and she has more calls to make and she might get back to me. If she can fill it will others, I will be out, which I can handle. I just have this hard time of saying no, though I am getting better. I will help them out if there is no other choice, and she knows that.

Next the church secretary reminded me that we have a newsletter due this week, rah! Did that and sent it off, next reading and notes for the upcoming Bible study. Wow, if that wasn’t enough Jessica texted to say, I should be getting a call from the person who lines up the House of Representatives chaplain, which she has wanted me to do for a bit, and I would love to just hope it all works. Then…we have a funeral coming up, a pre-scheduled funeral sounds weird, but sometimes that happens because they don’t bury until the frost is out of the ground. My hometown does it differently, but this has happened more often this year.

But the best deal of the whole day was when I heard a knock on the door. It was a lady in a coat all bundled up, and I knew right away what it was. She had a pamphlet in her hand and was inviting me to her church next week. I politely told her I already have a church and hope she has a nice day. That was during lunch when I was on the main floor. I have been hiding in the office ever since. The cats are curled up where they can find some warmth, and I guess it is time to close and go plant those tomato seeds before I head north to track practice. At least I have my bulletins finished for the week and the messages nearly done. I did let James know that the house won’t be cleaned until sometime in May, if then. Hopefully the daughters don’t wear their glasses when they come for Easter. Oh wait, they don’t all wear any, better yet. Ha!! Stay warm!

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  1. Adrienne Knoepfle Dupper
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 16:11:58

    So anytime you have more stories of Dad I’d love for you to share. I feel sadder about him being gone and miss him more than Mom. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s because Dad left a vibrant young man and Mom left later in her life? Maybe its because I have so many memories from Mom that I can hold onto that? and feel like I only have a few of Dad. Or is it the way that each of them left us…..and the timing as the day is approaching again.



    • lucindalines
      Mar 24, 2015 @ 19:57:10

      Yes and yes, and as I think of them I will sure put more stories out there. I have a few that I have never shared, but you know how it goes, we get busy and…. I was going to do lots of stories of both of them, that is why I made the category of I remember. I will have to try harder.



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