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I have nothing to post today. I should have taken the camera along when I drove to Linton to track practice. As I passed by Rice Lake, I found all of the geese that I hadn’t seen yet this year. It was amazing. There were still lots when I was on the way home. At that time they were circling around and getting ready to leave. At one point I felt like ducking since I was heading up the hill and they were barely clearing it. The hill of the highway is quite a bit higher than the lake, and so as they take off almost lower than the highway. Anyway, no pictures of that, but I wanted to share a couple from the Peanuts calendar that I got for Christmas. The shots aren’t so good, but the sentiment is great. I feel both in my own way at this time of year.


I like his point.

I like his point.


I can relate to Lucy this time.

I can relate to Lucy this time.

Hope you enjoyed these!

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