2 Days to Spring

It is only two days until the official start of Spring, but today it snowed to the north of us. We are supposed to have temperatures of over 50 on Friday, which would be nice. This is the weekend of State Boys’ Basketball Tournaments in South Dakota and the State B Boys in North Dakota. Usually this is the weekend of storms in our area, but hopefully it won’t happen.

Well the big issue for me is that the tomatoes are up. I took pictures early this morning and didn’t check them very well, so I can only have one to share, but it is still exciting to have the plants up. Hopefully now that we have moved them to the south window, they will get stronger.

Tomatoes are up.

Tomatoes are up.

The really exciting thing is that all of the types are up, including: Roma, Giant Beefsteak, Heirloom Beefsteak and Independence Day.

Kalanchoe in bloom.

Kalanchoe in bloom.

One tired cat.

One tired cat.

Paulina said Sophia and Roger slept the entire day. I suppose when you spend the whole night hunting, which they did you are pretty tired.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marc-André
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 17:40:41

    Your tired cat needs to enter tummy rub Tuesday 🙂



  2. stitchinggrandma
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 05:45:14

    Love to see the first emerging seedling! Hope for Spring! We are scheduled to have snow– 😦

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