3 Days until Spring

Today was nippy in the morning, beautiful in the afternoon, and now we have overcast skies and the air is getting cooler. I took my set of tracksters outside and had them run on the infield and around the track and up the long hill by the school. It was a three of everything day.

Tracksters running the long hill.

Tracksters running the long hill.

Several students were gone tonight because of an Academic-Olympics competition. This will happen a few more times, but at least one is out of the way early in the year. Tomorrow night will be the last practice this week as it is boys’ state B basketball tournament on Thursday and Friday. James intends to be in place at all of the games. The man who teaches the “alternative school” room, which is housed across the hall from his room does some statistics work for the State Activities Association, and he has two passes for the tourney, and James was the fortunate one picked to attend with him. I am sure they will have a blast. They will take turns driving to the tourney rather than staying overnight. It is only in Bismarck and that is just 100 miles up the road, so not really a big deal around here. Paulina and I are hoping that Thursday and Friday, we will finally get something accomplished around here.

This morning just as we were getting ready to finish up the laundry and clear away the downstairs clutter to do some serious cleaning, I remembered the Food Panty Truck was coming to town. I will try to go and help out with that as much as possible. It serves all the little towns in the area, and since I live here, I can help to represent the ministerial association from the town I serve. It is mostly food that has been donated by corporations and such. It is good to see it being distributed. Today we had items left over and two of the local ministers took it to their churches to store for the next time. It is rather discouraged for the truck to take anything back. It is a good program, and I am so glad we have something like this to help out those who need it.

On the way home from Linton after practice, Paulina and I saw several flocks of snow geese coming through. We have predictions of snow or rain overnight, so I hope they all find a place to relax in shelter after their flight. It just seems so early for them to be coming through.

I have a few other pictures to share. Nothing of significance, just showing off the sort of day it was mostly.

Sign at the end of the dike near our place.

Sign at the end of the dike near our place.

Sophia enjoys hunting near these bales.

Sophia enjoys hunting near these bales.

The long road beyond the keep out sign. This is the old train track area.

The long road beyond the keep out sign. This is the old train track area.

Tulips aren't doing much yet.

Tulips aren’t doing much yet.

Hope you are enjoying your final days before spring!!

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  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 19:46:02

    You would never know spring is coming here in Niagara. Too much snow and some predicted tonight. Poor robins, they do want those worms.

    Liked by 1 person


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