Family day finish

I don’t have any pictures of the rest of the day. It was fun, really fun. So instead of photos, I will try to paint you the picture with words.

The time in the waiting room was much shorter than we expected. In no time we were in a room talking to the doctors. I was really impressed with this doctor. Following our briefing we went back to the original waiting room until Victoria came out of recovery. 

It was at this time that Ana got hungry. I couldn’t find the bottle and formula, (James didn’t tell me Paulina took it to mix it up.) so I opened a jar of carrots and chicken. She was hilarious. As James held her I literally shoveled the food into her. I ended up with a cramp in my arm from trying to get it into her fast enough. Paulina took a video with my phone, but I am not smart enough to get it posted. It was pretty funny. 

As she was finishing off the bottle, Melissa ans Elisabeth came. They had not ever seen Ana. Elisabeth held her and shortly after she finished drinking her bottle, she snuggled down and went to sleep. On of James’ aids also happened by. Not sure the order of things, but James, Paulina and Melissa went to get lunch at Macdonalds and then we realized we had better get going if we wanted to see Jessica on the floor of the House of Representatives.

We were a bit late at the Capitol, but I have been there enough to know how to get in and up the stairs quickly and quietly. We nearly didn’t get into the balcony as the door was inadvertently locked. Lucky for us the attendant heard us turn the knob. Jess had to present a bill for voting. It had passed the senate, but her committee felt it was a bad idea. It was about giving every child born in the state after 2017 a sum of money to be used for college or purchasing a home, a farm or a business. It failed! I may sound like a bragging mother, but I was quite proud of how she presented her part. Her grandmother would be beaming! 

Later we went to her Ag committee meeting. They were discussing a bill on corporate farming. They heard testimony for 8, yes eight, hours yesterday, so today was mainly to deal with an amendment and to vote on it. The first amendment to clear up some language passed, but the one to add cattle feedlots failed. The bill left committee with a “do pass” recommendation, but the vote was 8-5. Jessica’s no was rather expressive. As a Farmers union employee and staunch supporter, she is not in favor of this and actually raised several questions about it and the long term effects on the state. She said that some couldn’t figure out how she being a rep from an urban area could know anything about farming. Good grief she should take them to her past, or her grandparent’s farms.

Anyway, the coffee and visiting at Target’s Starbucks was just the icing on the day. I sure had fun with everyone all at different times. James and I finished the day by  going to Runnings and picking up some seed packets. I plan to start the tomatoes and peppers on Monday, hurrah for Spring May it come soon and stay.

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  1. stitchinggrandma
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 06:20:15

    Sounds like a busy life and a busy family! Must make you very proud to see your family as they pursue their lives. Lucky they are still all around. 🙂 Now about those seeds…… When is the last frost? (I lived in Minneapolis for a few years and started my seeds on the dining room table as it had the best light!) Enjoy your gardening and dream of SPRING!

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