Wednesday in church 

We had Bible study today. We only have one more chapter of this book to go.

I have enjoyed it for the most part. The chapters make you think, but I wish there would be more directions for the study leader. I really don’t know how to get people talking or in the focus all the time. Of course my leadership style is more to let others work things out and talk put what is on their minds. Not always an efficient use of time, but so it is. I let them choose a book of the Bible to study after this book is completed. I had heard some twittering about Timothy which would have been good with me. Instead Jeanette piped up with Job. Wow, I have info on that someplace buried with my old notes. This will be great! Besides I love the Satan walking around on the earth parts. It makes it sort of like the “Devil and Tom Walker” story from Colonial Literature classes.

At any rate, time to down the coffee.

And get ready for services tonight. 

The message though in my head won’t write itself and the bulletins need to be typed. Besides, I should complete my application for license renewal. I have been so scared of that, but I just need to be honest, and it should work out. And if they deny it, we will cross that bridge later. I hear there are a few places in the area hiring. Maybe, …enough said for now. Take care and try to stay warm.

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  1. donna213
    Mar 04, 2015 @ 17:34:42

    Do you need a license to teach bible study or is it for driving? I liked that catchy title, Bad Girls of the Bible. I would think it would get the “learners, learning”.



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