Ana has arrived!

I would share a picture, but I don’t wish to disturb her. Ana is sleeping in Paulina’s room, which was once her mother’s room. Her mother, papa, and Jaxon are playing video games or something at a resort in Disney Land in CA. They left around 6am with a short stop in Denver made it to Disney before 11. Jaxon caught on as soon as they walked into the airport. On the way in the car he kept asking why Ana stayed behind. 

It felt good to get home. The trip to Bismarck was taxing because we got me a new phone. It is the first time I have upgraded phones for about six years. I now have broken into the iPhone circle. I got an older model, but spent too much on the case and screen. I guess. The young man who waited on us was good, and really wants to be a teacher. I wish him well. He was a pretty good sales person. Not much else to report. I think it is time for rest. Ana fell asleep and we need to turn in while she sleeps. Take care for now!

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  1. donna213
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 23:10:57

    I bet you are excited. She is so adorable (two posts ago I saw her). Ana is a very pretty name, for a very pretty baby. I too have an older iPhone. I bought it the day the new ones came out.

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