Getting ready for Ana

Tonight when James and I got home from school, we went straight to work. We cleaned the house upstairs and down. We finally stopped for supper then finished around eight. I even washed the rugs and James mopped the entry steps. The cats kept going in and out because of the commotion. On Sophia’s last trip she brought us a large mouse. All of this work was about preparing for little Ana. We will be picking her up from Bismarck tomorrow after school. She is with her family and Jessica and Paulina for the night. In the morning the family leaves on vacation, Jess goes to work and Paulina and Ana wait for us to show up. Can’t wait to pick up Ana Bona.

Bed for Ana in Paulina’s room.

Door to Paulina’s room.
The giraffe on the door was made for Paulina by my long term sub when she was born. I wish that I had the pattern. I may have to put some paper up to it and trace it. If I do, I will let you know.

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