Finished headband

Last night at the basketball game, I finally finished the headband I was making for Alyse. I hope it fits. I could have sent it with Paulina, but I know how the sister thing goes. I am not finished with the scarf for Kenlee, and so they will wait until both are finished.

Close up with sparkly button.

Close up with sparkly button.

Purple headband.

Purple headband.

This was a simple to make headband. I worked it in double crochet. It is about 12 double crochet (dc) wide, so I am thinking that I started by chaining 15, turning and using the one on the hook plus the next two as the first dc. I did double crochet in the next 11 or so across, not sure what was left in the chain, I probably couldn’t go into the last one and that is too tight when I crochet. I just kept going back and forth across the rows until it reached a reasonable length. I dug in the button jar to find a matching button that would fit into the slots and sewed it on with matching thinner yarn. I wove all of the hanging strands into the middle of the double crochets and here it is. The size is actually adjustable because you close it with the button in whichever row makes it fit. I sure hope it works for her. It was very thick yarn which I have never used before, but I loved it for this type of project. I also love that button because it sparkles.

Have a good one and let us know what yarn goodies you are currently working on.


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  1. lucindacrafts
    Nov 04, 2015 @ 23:02:21

    Reblogged this on lucindacrafts and commented:
    Here is a headband I knit last February. It was a fast and easy project, and one I may need to try again soon. Hope you enjoy it.



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 18:00:24

    The headband is very nice. I think she will love it!



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