Frosty Day

This morning the roads were somewhat icy as we drove north out of Herreid. The temperature was about 29 degrees Fahrenheit and it had rained yesterday, so it wasn’t speed away as usual. James did about 60 mph most of the way, but after dropping him off and seeing just how slippery the little side road was heading out of town, I kept it to 55 or less on the way to Hazelton. I may just be a chicken, but every now and then, I feel that the backend is about to pull to the right, and I am not so excited about doing a cookie down the road, especially with the traffic we have around here.


Trees east of Hazelton School.

Trees east of Hazelton School.

I also do not know the temperature, but it feels cold. It is that damp cold that comes with moisture. The trees are all frost covered today. It is quite pretty, but not really good. When you think of that sort of frost, you have to think of icy roads, icy power lines and the like. Hopefully it warms up enough to melt things away today. There are predictions of freezing rain. Again, I will be hopeful. I hope that people in charge make wise decisions such as closing roads or closing work places so that fewer peopleĀ are on the roads and fewer accidents are likely. I know that some things must go on, but hopefully people will stay safe.

Well back to work, lunch is over and I should have a student here soon. Just want to shout out that the little yellow house on Main Street really looked alone and empty this morning. We should turn the Christmas tree on at night so people don’t know it is empty for the next month. Ha!!


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  1. donna213
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 07:34:08

    This is why I like winter, those beautiful scenes. We too have snow – four feet of it.



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    Feb 09, 2015 @ 21:19:30

    I just thought that since it is almost Valentine’s Day, I better turn the Christmas lights off! I miss the little yellow house on Main Street, too. But, time will go fast and I will be home soon. 80 degrees here today! Felt pretty warm. I may have to sleep with the windows open tonight! Stay safe!

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